My Story

Hey I’m Gem and welcome to my website, a home for all my unique accessories and my style blog.

My inspiration comes from my travels. From trips to Paris as a stylist, to family holidays in Spain where I would spend the summer in bright colourful bikinis and beach bows. Combining my past experiences and my future aspirations, my accessories are fun, distinctive and wearable for all ages.

Being a huge fan of colour and print you will see me play with a new palette each season. Colour and print can unleash feelings and emotions in us all. I want my accessories to speak to you and become staples pieces within your wardrobes. All my accessories are designed and hand crafted by yours truly.

My professional history has allowed me to have experiences with brands such as D&G, Burberry Juicy Couture & Kate Spade. These have given me the drive to create my own unique brand which brings something niche to the market.

Accompanying my accessories is my style blog, new for 2018, where you can see how to wear my GBL accessories, fashion inspiration & stories. Along with collaborations with other brands.

I look forward to you joining me on my adventure.