Cycling Shorts



Here are my top 6 do's & don'ts on how to wear the latest trend 'the cycling short' as seen on the likes of Kim Kardashian & Bella Hadid.  I shot my looks in Portobello Road on a gorgeous sunny day, perfect weather for a short and Tee combo.....

  1. keep the colour of your shorts in a darkish tone - This is purely so you don’t look like your about to hit a spin class keep the colours to a dark nude, grey etc do not inject luminous colours into this look.
  2. stay away from Lycra - this one is my main "No No" pay particular attention to the material of the shorts go for a stretch cotton or cotton modal do not attempt to go near anything shiny and metallic looking. You will look like Mr Motivator
  3. Look at where the short hits your thigh - To high and your cycling shorts turn into hot pants, to long and your rocking the calf enhancing legging. I would say the short needs to come 3-4” above your knee (I'm 5'7 so if your shorter 3-4" is probably going to be to big of a distance - you know yourself and how things come up so judge accordingly) I like mine so that the bottom of the short hits that part of your thigh that dips in before it hits the top thigh.
  4. Go for high waist fit - Now that you’ve got the right colour and style you don’t want them falling down now do you. I would always suggest going for a high waist with any legging/short that doesn’t have a fastening my main reason is that no one wants a saggy bum or worse you spend the entire day tugging at your waist band pulling your trousers up only for them to slip down the minute after!
  5. Don't spend alot of money on this trend as lets be honest it probably wont be here long and you'll soon be storing them away for Fall. Plus if you spend less on one pair you can buy more in a few different shades. I struggled to find a black pair and I see these as an essential *On that note if anyone finds black cycling shorts can you let me know in the comments box below please?
  6. Team your cycling shorts with a long top, I've gone for an oversized 'Miami' slogan t-shirt in a biscuit colour as it compliments the mushroom colour of the shorts well. But I also love the idea of wearing black cycling shorts with an oversized white shirt and heals taking it to a glam evening look.
  7.  Last but not least avoid camel toe at all costs - Do not go commando girls its a bad look stick to VPL knickers or thongs if your rocking a shorter top. And no do not buy those 'plastic camel toe' accessories that i've heard are all the rage in LA, they are not sexy and are not cool. If you haven't heard or seen these you are better off not knowing!!!

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cycling shorts - missguided

miami slogan tshirt - missguided

dad sneakers - the kooples

link earrings silver - kate spade