I Can’t Believe I’m A Home Owner

Wow what a manic Christmas and nope I didn’t get a lot of rest but yes I did drink a lot of champagne and gin and wine basically anything I could get my hands on lol. The main reason for the drinking was not just because it was Christmas its that IM NOW A HOME OWNER (biggest smiley face but very tired eyes ever) so the drinking was to celebrate plus to stop me from freaking out about how much I really need to do in my flat. I was also ‘livin my best life’ having much needed lay in’s (does 8am surfice as a lay in?) as there was no 5am alarm clock buzzing in my ear urging me to race to a store somewhere in UK or Europe to style it up!

Apart from enjoying a few drinks over the festive period and spending time with my family I also kicked off my new obsession which is ‘non stop home shopping’ this obsession involves everything to do with home decorating. I literally can not stop searching for the perfect (and perfectly priced) home things whether it’s online mainly browsing the ‘Sale’ section online or in department stores like Dunelm wondering aimlessly down each aisle thinking f*** I need EVERYTHING and that is not an exaggeration.
As much as iIm loving it neglecting fashion is giving me slight anxiety, as you know from my Instagram and The Edit I’m big on keeping up to date with the latest trends. But fashion knows I’ll be back soon I cant stay away too long ;) I still have one eye on whats trending right now. As I tap away writing this blog i’m also looking at ASOS searching for a boiler suit so I can wear around the flat rocking my best bob the builder impression!



Anyway back to the main intention around this post ‘The Bathroom’ I will be creating blog posts for each room and I wanted to start with this room as lets face it we spend most our time here, we’ll that and the kitchen.
Where I brought my place off plan I wasn’t totally sure how it would look and feel and I’m big on being in a space first, getting a vibe from it before starting to think about furnishings. Therefore the 9 months it took being built you’d probably of thought I’d start to gather a few items you know the essentials hoover, kettle, microwave but nope I don’t think I brought a single thing. I just could not get my head around the fact I was going to be a home owner it didn’t seem real till I was handed over the keys. This proposed 2 problems the first being can I afford to buy everything in one go or in a very short space of time and two when the hell would I actually be able to move in to this minimalistic flat that im now paying for!


I got my keys on 13th December, it was surreal and overwhelming but the most fantastic feeling all the same. My sister and brother in law brought a flat in the same building so they also got there keys which was a warming experience to share with them. We were home owners yayyy finally on the ladder our very own bricks and morter, time to do what I do best time to shop and style my friends, shop and style

Pinterest has become my best friend I probably spend most of my data on pining and saving its literally my fave past time especially when I’m on those boring commutes into London. Below is a selection of my fave bathroom ideas at the moment and as you can see theres a bit of a theme going on….


The picture’s below show the ‘options’ I picked for my bathroom back in the summer and in all honestly there wasn’t a huge amount to pick from at Taylor Whimpey but it still took me almost all of the afternoon to select. I went for a pale cream tile with a slight white stripe through it and a grey/slate horizontal tile in the bathroom/shower area. Trying to stay true to my pin-boards I choose the tiles that were the most neutral from a styling perspective. I can’t take all the credit for how the flat turned out tho I have my good friend Rosie join me, I think when picking such important options such as house finishings you should always go to your nearest and dearest for advise as they know you best. Rosie’s my go too girl for anything interiors, we worked together for a long time and have a very similar aesthetic though maybe mine can be a little more crazy at times haha

For the flooring I kept to the same Karndean flooring which I have throughout the apartment, apart from the bedroom where I have carpet to keep my tootsies snug ha. So basically I have pretty easy base colours to work from and where everything I seem to look at is of those colours with a lot of black accessories thrown in so I know it’ll work once I start to bring it all together



Where I’m a single girl doing this on my own it’s a weird feeling that you can basically pick and choose what ever the hell you want. It’s probably the only time in your life where you can do a place up with just yourself in mind and i’m feeling blessed that It worked out this way. Don’t get me wrong having a man around the house would be much appreciated right now especially when it comes to things where I haven’t a clue how to say hang a mirror on tiles without damaging them or checking the pressures gauge on the boiler (which keeps switching off itself by itself may I add). But this phase of my life is for me to figure out, doing a place up with a boyfriend or a family in mind will come later and hopefully in a much bigger house as a one bed just ain’t gonna cut it then.


Ive been lucky enough to have travelled a lot over the last 6 years with both Juicy Couture & Kate Spade as a visual merchandiser. My job involves traveling to locations and setting stores up to showcase the newest collections, moving fixtures around, dressing windows and installing props has given me alot of skills when it comes to figuring out how to create an inviting environment. Maybe staying in all those hotels in Europe has rubbed off on me too as everything I now seem to pick has a hotel/scandi vibe. I love prints but am unable to wallpaper any of the walls in the flat for a year due to the building settling and hopefully not but most possibly causing cracking so Im going to bring prints in with rugs, art work, accessories etc. In my bathroom however i’m going for a simple slightly manly look by injecting a ton of black.


I mean blacks never really gone away in fashion has it but in the home world its becoming bigger than ‘millennial pink’. As i’m in my 30’s and not far off mid 30’s arrrrgh (that thought actually freaks me out as I still have so much to do) Im wanting a more mature attitude and sophisticated feel to my new home. Black is sexy and versatile and in a bathroom just feels so right, its also a colour which if brought in the right materials will last a long time… well hopefully anyway if not you might find I’m re writing my home blogs this time next year on how to avoid black haha!

Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 18.32.38.png


Below you’ll find my fave bathroom accessories that are ‘givin me life’, some are more pricey and some reasonable showing how to mix lux with less to create a edgy bathroom that will have all your mates swooning over….

Items listed in order, as shown above running from left to right with added links to take you to the relevant online stores… HAPPY SHOPPING

  • Mondella Vivace Soap Dish Black - If you are old skool like me you’ll love this black mat soap dish by Mondella sold at homebase £20

  • lder Black - I am obsessed with this black toilet roll holder its from a danish brand called Ferm and will never leave you hunting around for the toilet roll! £20 down from £26

  • George Asda Black and White Chevron Bath Mat - Steal £9.00 grab before it goes, love love love it Asda well done

  • Volet Hook Set of 2 Black - hay hooks sold at Amara my new fave home website, these hooks would look super cute on the back of the door for your dressing gowns

  • Luxury Reed Diffuser - English Pear - everyone I seem to know is raving about Aldi diffuser and candles, my fave is ‘fig & cassis’ which I brought in store perfect for the bathroom to keep it fresh at all times.

  • Vellamo Matt Black Mirror & Shelf - this mirror is exactly what i’ve been looking for so much so Im going to order it, its not cheap but what good mirrors really are cheap. I love the shelf to add my most used products and its on sale now £130 down from £216 from drench

  • Aleo Vera Plant - this plant loves humidity and is soothing on skin so a perfect plant for a bathroom, Ikea £7.99

  • Fox & Fern Plant Pots - these pots are on my list of things to buy as I feel give your plant a little lift tmakes it look super stylish, you can also place in any room but i’m thinking of getting the smaller versions for the bathroom. Amazon from $19.00

  • Towel Rack - Bamboo - this towel rack is perfect if you haven’t got a wall mounted towel rack or just need extra display for all your towels. On sale at Amara now £19 down from £39 its a bargain.

  • Cotton Soft Ribbed Bath Towel - from wayfair ribbed towels £15.99 for the bath sheet.

  • Hokus Pokus - Large - love this wash bag/storage bag its so versatile you could use it anywhere. Im thinking in the bathroom for all those dirty clothes by oyoy

  • Get Naked ArtWork - perfect piece of artwork for the bathroom £18 by Vivid Atelier at iamfy