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This was not how my first post after 9months was meant to go, ideally it was meant to be far happier than what I’m going to write but sometimes you just can’t plan life now can you.

I took these pictures around 2 weeks ago and was planning to do a post based on what I’ve been up to this year but on Thursday last week my nan The Queen of our family had a brain haemorrhage which resulted in her passing away on Wednesday. I don’t think I can put into words how much she meant to me and how much she shaped my world without crying right now but maybe when it’s less roar I’ll share my stories of her with you all.
For now i’m going to focus on the now and try and get through these coming weeks surrounding myself with my friends and family and just do what feels right.

I had my Candid Camera bag monogramed in the Kate Spade store on Regent Street and i chose rose gold foil to match the zipper on the bag.

I had my Candid Camera bag monogramed in the Kate Spade store on Regent Street and i chose rose gold foil to match the zipper on the bag.

looking at these photos

I don’t know about you but I don’t look particularly happy and this was before my nan had gotten poorly and then had passed away. So why was I so glum? personally I’ve felt under a lot of pressure lately and me being me I never like to fail. The fact I probably haven’t had a good facial for almost a year hasn’t helped, as you know from past blogs i’ve suffered with my skin and acne and I now find following a strict cleansing routine really beneficial. If your new to my page you can read them here ‘skin deep’ where I talk openly about what I did to cure my acne but in all honesty I still get spots now so I wouldn’t say ill ever have peachy perfect skin but its way better then it was.

Focusing on fall.

When life doesn’t go to plan or work out how you’d expected it too it’s always good to focus on what you love and for me it’s fashion. Autumn is my favourite season well it has been up till now, now I’m unsure if I like this month and what it’s brought to our family. Neither less this time of year the shops are usually crammed with ‘new season’ finds and even though I hate being cold I love layering up for fall.

Zara is usually my favourite place to shop but I’ve felt the prices have risen and it’s put me off shopping there when there’s so many fast fashion options online. That being said I saw this blazer at Milan airport and I literally FEEL IN LOVE with it, the cut, the shoulder pads, the structure. I just knew it was an item I’d have in my wardrobe for the foreseeable future but I didn’t have enough to buy it there and then so I waited till I got back home and got paid. I then found it at my local Zara, it was the last one in a ‘M’ which made it even more oversized but I think this jacket needs to be sized up to give it that oversized look.

I teamed it with a leopard print dress which was also from Zara but one I brought last summer 2018. It’s also worn with a pair of All Saints boots which aren’t available now but I’ve listed some which you can get now which are practically identical!

Lastly I’ve added this new Kate Spade Candid Camera Bag which comes in a few colour options but I personally love the combination of brown, taupe and an orange strap. I also got it monogramed which they can do in store for you when you purchase giving it that personality and finishing touch.

As always I love to hear from you and your thoughts on my posts you can comment in the box below,

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