I’m not going to lie I’m struggling to post enough content compared to other bloggers. I wish I could snap photos and write up content each day but at present that’s just not realistic. I’m not thinking of excuses here I’m just one for getting the right balance. I have a full time visual merchandising job (whereby I style Kate Spade stores) which takes up many hours of my day and I’m in the midst of trying to buy a house so funds are tight as you can imagine and my expectation of home styling are high haha

 All that being said and me being me I love a challenge and I really want to make this work. My day job means I’m constantly thinking of outfits, I spend a lot of time in department stores helping others get the right look so why wouldn’t I channel all of this knowledge into my own Blog 

How I stay focused 

I think being focused and staying determined creates a great recipe for success and even though my days are mostly spent out on the road I still find time to work on my next looks. 

  • 5:20am - alarm (I snooze) 5.30 i'm up dressed & I have a shot of symprove an amazing gut balancer but you have to have it on an empty stomach
  • 6am - I’m in the gym training, I attend a half hour HIIT class which I love as it gives me half hour to literally focus on the moves no other thoughts enter my brain and its bliss
  • 7am - I'm home i've made me and mum a cuppa tea, showered, dressed and heading into London to start the day job
  • 8:30am - I’m most probably in one of London's department stores lately Fenwicks has been getting a ton of my attention. That place is such a beautiful old school store and for that reason alone I love spending time there
  • 10:30 - I’m back in the office sending emails or in meetings with sales team or marketing about up and coming events, store openings, visits etc - I look after the whole of Europe so it’s pretty intense sometimes giving all them stores my attention
  • 1pm - LUNCH TIME yippee my chance to eat and walk the streets to see what’s happening on the high street, searching for my next look for the blog or simply getting inspiration from the new collections of Regent Streets luxury stores
  • Afternoon - Can be anything from a repeat of the morning or flying to my next destination...
  • 5pm - I’m finally out the door and on my way home, lately i've been finding myself emailing brands on the train home trying to network with as many brands as possible on the blog but still staying true to myself and style of which I know suits me is challenging as being a new blogger you want to say yes to everything that comes your way.
  • Evenings - If I’m honest I’m probably emailing work as there is always so much to organise being a VM, if not I’m bathed, on the sofa in my shorts & tee with a glass of wine and scroll through Pinterest (I’m addicted and have recently reworked each board on my page, Im am a geek I know but I love seeing things in there right places maybe thats the VM in me!
  • Bed - This is supposed to be wind down time isn’t it but I’m either preparing my posts for the next day or mentally running through what I need to prepare for my next look & the content ill be creating. This is something that I need to work on I want to make sure I have time in the evening to truely switch off and chill. Oh actually I have been fitting in hour in the evening and is totally dedicated to watching ‘Homeland’ OMG isn’t it amazing if you’ve watched it you’ll understand and I know I’m late on this bandwagon but it jeeez its good!

Okay so that may of been a little boring me running through my day but the aim of this time frame is to show that if you really want to achieve something you need to start putting the ground work in now. I know its tough and I’m talking from a single girl point of view, I haven’t children yet and Ive not even moved into my flat (that’s happening in November) so I get I’m talking from my perspective but there is always a way to make it happen. 


If your are thinking about starting a new profession or hobby but never feel like you have the time my suggestion would be to find a quiet spot whether it be at home, in a coffee shop, in the car, on the train etc start with a 'goals' list of where you see yourself in 5 years from now. If you know the path your on is making your goals happen already amazing, if not this could get the ball rolling so you can start to achieving them!

So yes I may be a little ambitious starting up a blog amongst working a full time job, trying to hit the gym 3-4 times a week, making time for family and friends and now buying a property for the first time in my life (with no furniture may I add) but these are the years we have to make our dreams a reality

‘when there’s a will there’s a way’


earrings - topshop

white knot front top - zara

red loafers - gucci

black high waisted jeans - levis

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