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I started a blog many years ago on 'blogger' which was a while before I started working in the fashion industry with my first job as an intern at D&G. I wish now that I had stuck to my guns and carried it on but I got allured into working for big brands that dazzled me with their beautiful clothes and having certain titles on your CV. If i'm honest I don't think I would of had the time back then to carry the blog on as if I wasn't working I was out partying the night away. I believe everyone needs to have those years though where you enjoy being with your friends, planning holidays to ibiza or where ever you fancy going and buying into every fashion trend possible, as you think anything will suit you at that age. Note to my younger self they don't but good on you for having a go at any trend imaginable!


My life has been pretty crazy lately, my styling day job has taken a new level of business and I've also decided this is the year to buy a flat (alone) which is very scary but also very exciting. I've also had a lot of family troubles in my private life which has been emotionally hard and challenging. Amongst all of the above I knew I just had to start my blog 'The Edit' I needed a place to escape from everything and to share my looks/thoughts/feelings with you all. I feel my most creative when i'm collaborating with others whether it be with fellow bloggers or brands there is so much to learn from each other. Im just really looking what the future will bring for the blog and who i'll meet along the way, as ultimately life is about experiences and who you get to share them with.


They say no time is better than now and I fully believe that, don't wait for a quite period in your life to try something new. It may feel completely unreachable at the present time but my advise would be to get the ball in motion, start jotting down your ideas and goals putting pen to paper can feel really calming knowing you've made a start. It also doesn't matter if your not sure what you want to do next, just knowing you need a change will propel you into new beginning's.
Initially when I thought about relaunching It was to design monogramed jackets, I played around with ideas thinking of how I could make this happen and even made the 'gemma' jacket I've worn in a few instagram photos . As it got closer to deciding how to launch the brand and how to produce monogramed jackets it dawned on me the real reason for relaunching my website was on the basis that I would create a blog and therefore I was heading off track by not sticking to my guns. I'm not saying new business ventures/ideas should be squished when your on a journey but for me I had to stick to my original plan and tick one box at a time. I have how ever had a few orders for the monogramed jacket since so it could be that I add them to the website at a later date, but right now my blog is my main focus and luckily a great enjoyment for me too.


Something thats been niggling at me a little is the question 'am I to late'?

For me my path to blogging isn't about jumping on the 'i'm a blogger' band wagon its something i've always wanted to pursue professionally and now the time just feels right. Looking at all the social media influencers out there I know that there is a lot of very impressive competition which I see as a good thing. Seeing all these amazing women & men creating something for themselves is inspiring and entrepreneurial - Its a world I want to be apart of.

I have a confession I have only recently started really reading in to bloggers content on their blogs/websites, this may sound weird coming from a blogger but i've been lazy with just looking at their instagram pictures & stories. Let's be honest Instagram is so good at keeping you engaged on there site that you very rarely leave 'addicted to the gram' is an under statement for me and i'm sure many of you too. Its something i'm working on as I now know how much work goes into each and every post, from the start inspiration point all the way through to editing your pictures ready to post.

I personally think its just the beginning for bloggers a place that is growing at a very fast rate but one that will pave the way for future generations to work for them sleeves and inspiring others on their own personal paths.


That is a very good question, what is next for gemma bishop london at 'The Edit'.
For now i'm going to aim to create new posts each week starting at 2 a week, I would love to get it up to 3/4 a week. My focus is fashion and styling but I will be adding lifestyle, beauty and fitness as I get to travel with my styling job i've learnt an awful lot about traveling to these fashion capitals I will share with you all my experiences. Im also planning a few shoots away to show what I take in my suitcase and what I wear on holiday, but please let me know if there's a particular subject you'd like me too focus on for my up and coming shoots.

For now its just about staying focused, sticking to my plan & not giving up on my dreams!

Gem x


beige Jumper - h&m

red zip trousers - french connection

wrap around cage heals - sophia webster

black cat eye sunglasses - zara


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